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1200 Series

Roller Mills & Roll Crushers

Roskamp Roll Crushers are designed for the most demanding crushing applications, with roll corrugations and roll speed differential ratios available to match any operating conditions. Available in two-, four- and six-roll designs, the 1200 Series has a 12" roll diameter and a range of 30 to 225 HP.

These roll crushers have unique bearing slides that assure accurate, consistent production, and all machine functions adapt easily to full automation. With Roskamp roll crushers, their robust construction guarantees maximum performance around the clock.


  • 12" roll diameter
  • Belleville spring roll protection
  • Self-aligning, double-row spherical roller bearings with split pillow block bearing housing
  • One-point manual roll adjustment via machine jack screws
  • Precise, repeatable hand wheel adjustment
  • Roll corrugation and roll speed differential ratios for all applications
  • 30 to 225 horsepower

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  • Standard Features:

    • Chilled cast iron rolls
    • Alloy steel shafts
    • Hopper agitator
    • Feed gate adjustment
    • Left- or right-side drive
    • Steel roll housing
    • V-belt drive
    • Separate inter-roll drives on each bank of rolls
    • Sample inspection ports
    • Adjustable motor base with choice of C-flow or Z-flow motor configuration
    • Carbon steel construction
    • Fast roll equipped with axial fan to provide air circulation over drive components

    Optional Features:

    • Full-width, heavy-duty permanent magnets that swing out of feeder housing for cleaning
    • Stationary scalper to remove foreign material prior to infeed
    • Hopper agitator
    • Roll or pocket feeder (standard on 42" wide and above)
    • Full-feature feed gate and roll gap control
    • Remote roll adjustment with digital readout
    • Stainless steel contact point (S1) or full wash-down (S2) components
    • Single pair (SP), double pair (DP) or triple pair (TP) models available
    • Single pair (SP) flat-top models available for finer grinding or capacity increase on existing SP or DP models

    Specifications and Dimensions

    U.S. Metric

    ModelMaximum HPHeightWidthDepthApprox. weight
    SPRM-1200-243046.00 in68.88 in85.00 in6850 lbs
    SPRM-1200-304046.00 in74.88 in85.00 in7250 lbs
    SPRM-1200-365046.00 in80.88 in85.00 in7650 lbs
    SPHX-1200-426046.00 in86.50 in88.00 in8050 lbs
    SPHX-1200-527546.00 in96.50 in88.00 in8700 lbs
    DPRM-1200-246070.00 in68.88 in85.00 in10700 lbs
    DPRM-1200-308070.00 in74.88 in85.00 in11500 lbs
    DPRM-1200-3610070.00 in80.88 in85.00 in12300 lbs
    DPHX-1200-4212070.00 in86.50 in88.00 in13100 lbs
    DPHX-1200-5215070.00 in96.50 in88.00 in14400 lbs
    TPRM-1200-249094.00 in68.88 in85.00 in13550 lbs
    TPRM-1200-3012094.00 in74.88 in85.00 in14450 lbs
    TPRM-1200-3615094.00 in80.88 in85.00 in15350 lbs
    TPHX-1200-4218094.00 in86.50 in88.00 in18250 lbs
    TPHX-1200-5222594.00 in96.50 in88.00 in20600 lbs

    *Weights and dimensions subject to change. Do not use for layout purposes.