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CPM In-House Service

We’ll refurbish to like-new condition

Parts don’t wear out often on CPM equipment. But when they do, our team of experts will come to your rescue. We help you save money by only replacing the most consumable aspect of a component, instead of the entire unit. By using our own OEM and other high quality parts, we ensure your components return to you in like-new condition.

Pellet mill die rework

If you have a die that isn’t producing the quality of pellet or throughput it once did, you can send it to us to be reworked. We force materials out of the die holes, grind the face even across the die, and make it 100 percent round again. Once that’s completed, we countersink the die to make the face look new.

Pellet mill roller rebuild

If you have a bearing failure or a roller shell that is worn out, you can send them to us so we can rebuild it. We use only the highest-quality bearings available. Plus, we never use parts that were reverse-engineered—since we have the original blueprints, we’re able to use OEM parts that fit your equipment the way it was meant to. Our quick turnaround means you’ll experience less costly downtime. It’s another reason to stay CPM when you start CPM.

Roller mill recorrugation

We do a full recorrugation service on rollers ranging from 650-6 to 1600-84 roller mill rolls, and up to 2800-62 flaking mill rolls. We also do not remove bearings when recorrugating your rolls and offer bearing diagnostic services as a standard.

Diagnostic services

We produce a diagnostic report to help you determine why a premature wearing occurred. Part of this can include an analysis from our metallurgist, who examines the metal components of your unit to discover what could have caused this premature wearing. This will help you adjust your processes and avoid more premature wearing in the future, saving you money.

As manufacturers of the most reliable equipment in the world, it’s only fitting that we back it up with the very best in-house services.