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UL508A Control Panel Design & Assembly


For cost-effective ways to help you meet the challenges of today's economy, CPM Automation Group gives you complete UL-labeled, electrical control systems engineering and integration. UL certification means we are a global leader in testing, inspection, certification, auditing and validation. Our UL control panel solution includes design, documentation, programming, and panel assembly.

CPM Automation Group has built everything from programmable logic controller panels and motor control panels, to simple “on/off” control panels. Whether we build to your design, or totally engineer your solution from the ground up, we provide detailed CAD drawings that allow for easy inclusion into your final project documentation. By reducing your production overhead, our control panels ensure a reliable source for OEM production runs.

Our team of expert engineers and systems integrators has worked in the feed mill, baking, food and beverage, chemical processing, bioenergy, ingredient premix, and wood pelleting industries. Our family of automation solutions, expert support services, and unparalleled reputation are the best in the industry, making CPM Automation Group the logical choice for your automation needs.

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CPM Automation Group UL508A Control Panel Design and Assembly
UL-Labeled for Safety Image

UL-Labeled for Safety

In your line of work, safety is of utmost importance. That's why we provide UL-labeled panels to ensure your employees and facilities are as safe as possible.

Start Up & Service Support

At CPM Automation Group, we take pride in providing the very best customer service. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With remote service access, our technicians are able to connect to your system to find and correct any performance issues, eliminating costly service trips. We offer a variety of service plans to meet your operational needs.