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MM4 Batching

MM4 Batching will automatically and accurately integrate scaled ingredients, hand adds and metered liquids to produce a precisely mixed batch of mash and route it to the correct bins.

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Beta Raven MM4 Batching
Batching Automation Process Image

Batching Automation Process

This screenshot depicts the equipment status, and key performance and diagnostic data for your batching process. MM4 Batching can be configured for your specific requirements and batch processing equipment. The use of animation, labeling, and color-coding easily conveys the information you need to manage your batching process.

Batching Automation Detail Image

Batching Automation Detail

This screenshot shows multiple batches in progress, each in the form of an animated recipe with the status of each operation, including draw actuals and elapsed mix time. This panel means you always know the status of your batching process.

  • Detailed process records are kept to facilitate process improvement, corporate reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Data such as recipes and orders may be imported from a corporate system
  • Production records may be exported to a corporate system
  • Traceability is available for any ingredient, so that product made with a bad ingredient may be easily identified and recalled
  • Ingredient assignments are managed to prevent the operator from drawing from the wrong ingredient bin or routing to the wrong mash bin
  • Sequencing prevents recipes from being run in an order, which could result in medication or animal protein contamination
  • Computer-driven station to accurately weigh hand adds in advance
  • Automatic routing to convey the finished mix through the appropriate conveyors, elevators and distributors to the correct mash bin
Start Up & Service Support

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