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Pellet quality starts in the conditioner

Optimal pellet quality depends heavily on precision thermo-mechanical preconditioning. CPM understands this well, but we also know that “optimal” isn’t the same for everyone. Quality pellets are a result of just the right combination of moisture, temperature, and retention time. That’s why you need a conditioner with plenty of flexibility, so your end pellets are the best they can be.

How long your material remains in the conditioner depends on your unique end-pellet requirements. Because time and temperature combine to drive moisture and heat into the center of the material, our conditioners add steam in high volumes at low velocity, ensuring temperature increases and retention times are ideal throughout the pelleting process.

CPM offers a market-leading conditioner that gives you maximum performance and flexible configuration—specific to the materials you’re pelleting. All with the lowest operating costs on the market today.

CPM California Pellet Mill Equipment Conditioners