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All our products meet the demands of virtually every conceivable application in the processing industry, and our name is synonymous with endurance, reliability, and excellence.

Innovative, robust technology

From grinding and conditioning to size reduction, our equipment solutions are engineered to meet the demands of virtually every application in processing industries.

Equipment for the
needs of every industry

If quality and efficiency are your top priorities, CPM has what you need. Our products meet the demands of virtually every application in the processing industries. CPM is your one-stop equipment solution.

The CPM Advantage
It’s not cheating—
it’s The CPM Advantage

With an unparalleled history in engineering, innovation, and the manufacture of hardworking process equipment and controls, our machines just keep running.

You see, at CPM, we’re all about giving you the advantage. With our great engineering, our great systems, and our great equipment, we make sure you get great profits.

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We offer customer service and sales support through a worldwide network of local agents in nearly every country. Whatever your needs, we're here to help in any way we can.