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Pellet Mill Parts

CPM offers every part your pellet mill needs, from small fasteners and seals to large main shafts and gears. Whether you are replacing a part or just want to have a spare on the shelf, get your parts from the place they got their start.

All CPM parts are carefully designed and manufactured to guarantee they are direct replacements for the original parts your pellet mill was built with. We stock parts for machines sold decades ago and days ago to guarantee minimal downtime, and we offer quick turnaround times thanks to our large inventory.

CPM offers the latest and greatest enhancements and conversions for your pellet mills:

  • Lineator remote roller adjustment
  • Roll speed measurement
  • Lube systems
  • Seals
  • Two-piece quill assemblies
  • Die clamps
  • Increased die diameters or die widths

Ordering Information

We have every part you need to keep your pellet mill running smoothly. Contact us today for replacement or backup parts, and be sure you're getting exactly the piece you need.

To order parts from our parts specialists, call 800-366-2563  for CPM parts, 800-267-1001 for Dorssers parts, or fill out the form(s) below.

If you are authorized to order parts online, click here.

Pre-authorization is required. Contact your CPM representative to receive access.

CPM Pellet Mill Parts