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Extruder-Compounding Process Control

Extruder-Compounding Process Control systems employ the latest technology and are designed to meet the demanding requirements of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Beta Raven Extruder-Compounding Process Control
  • Extruder-Compounding Process Control Image
  • Extruder-Compounding Process Control

    This screenshot shows the interface of the extruder-compounding automation process. It also shows critical information such as speed, torque and temperature. The system can be set up for your specific requirements and equipment, with labeling and color-coding that easily conveys the information you need.

    Standard Features:

    • Interface screens are easy to use and meet varying requirements
    • Monitors and displays machine and process faults
    • Stores and downloads process data, allows for recipe input
    • Meets NFPA, NEC, CE and SCCR requirements
    • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ Programmable Automation Controller or Allen‑Bradley ControlLogix™ Programmable Automation Controller

    Optional Features:

    • Control enclosures for larger machines can be mounted to the base or remotely located in the vicinity
    • Can scan barcodes for recipes, which automatically inputs machine operating parameters
    • Synchronize peripheral equipment by utilizing the extruder or main feeder as the master
    • Platforms other than Allen-Bradley available

    Start Up & Service Support

    At Beta Raven, we take pride in providing the very best customer service. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With remote service access, our technicians are able to connect to your system to find and correct any performance issues, eliminating costly service trips. We offer a variety of service plans to meet your operational needs.