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Oilseed Processing

Cost-effective from beginning to end

Whether it’s getting a consistent flake, a clean crack, or densely compacted pellets, CPM is your partner in oilseed production. Our equipment can be found in oilseed plants around the globe—and it’s no wonder. These high-capacity, efficient machines can run 24 hours a day and just don’t break down.

We strive to engineer equipment that can meet the unique needs of any grain. From drying, cooling, grinding, breaking, flattening, cracking, or pelleting, our machines are designed to do it all—and do it well.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the abrasiveness of hulls wearing down your equipment. CPM’s pelleting and grinding solutions can meet any challenge you have with meal and hull processing. Because our parts and dies are made with the highest quality material, you’re less likely to experience breakage, corrosion, and wear caused by abrasive material.