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Designed for the most demanding oilseed applications, the robust construction of the Roskamp Cracking Mills guarantees maximum performance around the clock. Load-centering bearing supports and unique bearing slides assure accurate, consistent production. Roll corrugation and speed differential ratios are available to match any operating system. The 1200 Series Cracking Mill has a roll surface area ranging from 904 to 2714 square inches, a soybean capacity range of 300 to 1000 MTD and a horsepower range of 15 to 125 HP.


  • 12" diameter chilled iron rolls
  • Load-centering bearing supports
  • Replaceable bearing slides
  • Roll corrugation and speed differential ratios for all applications
  • Straight-line roll adjusting maintains tram throughout full range of adjustment
  • Separate inner-roll drive for each bank of rolls
  • One motor V-belt drive

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  • Standard Features:

    • Chilled cast iron rolls
    • Alloy steel shafts
    • Self-aligning, double-row spherical roll bearings with split pillow block housing
    • One-point roll adjustment via machine screw jacks maintains roll parallel throughout full range of adjustment
    • Separate industrial-duty adjustable motor platform available in left- or right-side drive and choice of "C" flow or "Z" flow configuration
    • UHMW cheek plates to seal the roll ends
    • Fast roll equipped with axial fan to provide air circulation over drive components

    Optional Features:

    • Roll feeder with independent drive
    • Pocket feeder with independent drive
    • Heavy-duty permanent magnets that swing out of feeder housing for cleaning
    • Single pair (SP) or double pair (DP) models available

    Specifications and Dimensions

    U.S. Metric

    ModelHP rangeHeightWidthDepthApprox. weight
    SPX 1200-4230 - 4046 in86.50 in88 in8050 lbs
    SPX 1200-3625 - 3046 in80.88 in85 in7650 lbs
    SPX 1200-3020 - 2546 in74.88 in85 in7250 lbs
    DPX 1200-72100 - 12570 in116.50 in88 in17000 lbs
    SPX 1200-2415 - 2046 in68.88 in85 in6850 lbs
    DPX 1200-5275 - 10070 in96.50 in88 in14400 lbs
    DPX 1200-4260 - 7570 in86.50 in88 in13100 lbs
    DPX 1200-3650 - 6070 in80.88 in85 in12300 lbs
    DPX 1200-3040 - 5070 in74.88 in85 in11500 lbs
    DPX 1200-2430 - 4070 in68.88 in85 in10700 lbs
    SPX 1200-7250 - 6046 in116.50 in88 in9500 lbs
    SPX 1200-5240 - 5046 in96.50 in88 in8700 lbs

    *Weights and dimensions subject to change. Do not use for layout purposes.

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