With our unparalleled heritage in engineering, innovation, and the manufacture of hardworking process equipment, CPM machines give you The CPM Advantage. So, when it comes to keeping them running, why risk non-CPM replacement parts?

All genuine CPM parts are fully tested and manufactured to the original specifications, which means you get the right fit every time. And it goes without saying that CPM parts give you unmatched value for your money.

Because each CPM replacement part is designed to withstand the most extreme operating conditions, and with customer service engineers who are trained, experienced, equipped, and available to you 24/7, you also get the highest quality technical expertise about everything CPM.

CPM Parts: Hammermill Hammers

Hammermill Hammers

CPM Parts: Hammermill Screens

Hammermill Screens

CPM Parts: Roller Mill Rolls & Flaking Mill Rolls

Roller Mill/Flaking Mill Rolls

CPM Parts: Pellet Mill Dies

Pellet Mill Dies

CPM Parts: Pellet Mill Rolls

Pellet Mill Rolls

CPM Parts: Pellet Mill Parts

Pellet Mill Parts