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ER Series

The ER Series Hammermills have been designed to handle the toughest of applications. With their rugged construction, the ER hammermills have the capability to efficiently grind fatty, oily, sticky, and difficult-to-flow products with ease, as well as helping bridge the gap in granulation sizes between traditional hammermills and air swept pulverizers or fine grinders.

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  • Straight walls that prevent clogging
  • Easily replaceable wear parts
  • Industrial strength construction
  • Utilizes cutter and/or impact plates
  • Closer hammer-to-screen clearance
  • 40-100 mesh range dependent upon product application
  • Extra fine grind screen carriage to prevent leakage

Specifications and Dimensions

U.S. Metric
ER-9506109.5 in6 in3600
ER-19062519 in6 in3600
ER-19125019 in12 in3600
ER-19156019 in15 in3600
ER-19207519 in20 in3600
ER-192410019 in24 in3600
ER-220954022 in9.5 in3600
ER-221155022 in11.5 in3600
ER-22157522 in15 in3600
ER-222010022 in20 in3600
ER-222412522 in24 in3600
ER-223015022 in30 in3600
ER-223615022 in36 in3600
ER-260955026 in9.5 in1800
ER-261156026 in11.5 in1800
ER-26157526 in15 in1800
ER-262010026 in20 in1800
ER-262412526 in24 in1800
ER-263015026 in30 in1800
ER-263615026 in36 in1800
ERD-264825026 in48 in1800
ER-380957538 in9.5 in1800
ER-3811510038 in11.5 in1800
ER-381512538 in15 in1800
ER-382015038 in20 in1800
ER-382420038 in24 in1800
ER-383025038 in30 in1800
ER-383630038 in36 in1800
ERD-384035038 in40 in1800
ERD-384840038 in48 in1800
ERD-386050038 in60 in1800
ER-4409510044 in9.5 in1800
ER-4411512544 in11.5 in1800
ER-441515044 in15 in1800
ER-442020044 in20 in1800
ER-442425044 in24 in1800
ER-443030044 in30 in1800
ER-443635044 in36 in1800
ERD-444040044 in40 in1800
ERD-444845044 in48 in1800
ERD-446060044 in60 in1800
ER-5211515052 in11.5 in1500
ER-521520052 in15 in1500
ER-522025052 in20 in1500
ER-522430052 in24 in1500
ER-523035052 in30 in1500
ER-523645052 in36 in1500
ERD-524050052 in40 in1500
ERD-524860052 in48 in1500
EMF-2411540-5024 in11.5 in3600
EMF-241560-7524 in15 in3600
EMF-242075-10024 in20 in3600
EMF-2430100-15024 in30 in3600
EMF-2440150-20024 in40 in3600
EMF-4815100-15048 in15 in1800
EMF-4820150-20048 in20 in1800
EMF-2842150-25048 in24 in1800
EMF-4830200-30048 in30 in1800
EMF-4840250-40048 in40 in1800
EMF-4848300-50048 in48 in1800

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