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SP Series

Roskamp flaking mills feature quality construction and materials throughout. The unique design of the Roskamp flaker assures accurate, consistent flaking and ease of operation. No matter the industry or application, Roskamp flakers represent the lowest total cost of operation solution in the industry.

The SP 3200 features 32" diameter centrifugally cast chilled iron rolls. SP Series flaking mills are predominately used in the oilseed industry in the standard configuration below. The oilseed flakers can be optionally configured for steam flaking and industrial applications.

  • 28" or 32" diameter centrifugally cast chilled iron rolls
  • High-density base for additional mass and vibration dampening
  • Double-row spherical roller bearings mounted in square bearing blocks
  • Machined bearing slides with replaceable wear liners
  • Roll feeder with agitator, including breaker combs and independent drive
  • Clean-in-place system cleans behind the cheek plates and roll ends
  • Energy-efficient HTD main drive

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  • Hydraulic-tensioned inter-roll drive with optional differential ratios
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders that permit high flaking forces with low hydraulic forces
  • Hydraulic accumulators dampen high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations
  • Engineered spring stacks protect the rolls from uncrushable material
  • Scrapers with adjustable counterweights regulate pressure
  • Hydraulically operated feed gate integrated with roll pressure
  • Flow directors that direct product into roll nip
  • Cheek plates are adjustable in three planes to seal roll ends
  • Industrial-duty adjustable motor base available in left- or right-side drive and choice of "C" flow or "Z" flow configuration
  • Indefinite chill cast rolls
  • Electro-hydraulic control console
  • Hydraulic power unit available in 40- or 80-gallon configurations
  • Permanent swingout magnet to remove trap metal
  • Overflow chutes to reduce roll end maintenance
  • Stainless steel pin feeder (for steam flaking applications) or vibratory feeder
  • Fixator roll stops to prevent high-pressure roll-to-roll contact
  • Integrated shut-off gate to isolate discharge of mill
  • Roll surface grinder for in-place full-surface or roll-end grinding

Specifications and Dimensions

U.S. Metric
ModelHeight of roll/pin feederLengthDepthWeightDrive Max HP
2800-5273 in107 in128 in34,000 lbs.125
2800-6273 in118 in128 in39,000 lbs.150
3200-7277.88 in125.94 in140.25 in40,000 lbs.150
3200-7877.88 in131.94 in140.25 in42,000 lbs.200
3200-8477.88 in137.94 in140.25 in44,000 lbs.200

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