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  • 32" diameter centrifugally cast chilled iron rolls
  • High-density base for additional mass and vibration dampening
  • Double-row spherical roller bearings mounted in square bearing blocks
  • Machined bearing slides with replaceable wear liners
  • Roll feeder with hopper agitator, including breaker combs and independent drive
  • Clean-in-place system cleans behind the cheek plates and roll ends
  • Energy-efficient HTD main drive
  • Hydraulic-tensioned inter-roll drive with optional differential ratios
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders that permit high flaking forces with low hydraulic forces
  • Hydraulic accumulators dampen high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations
  • Engineered spring stacks protect the rolls from uncrushable material
  • Scrapers with adjustable counterweights regulate pressure
  • Hydraulically operated feed gate integrated with roll pressure
  • Flow directors that direct product into roll nip
  • Cheek plates are adjustable in three planes to seal roll ends
  • Industrial-duty adjustable motor base available in left- or right-side drive and choice of "C" flow or "Z" flow configuration
  • Indefinite chill cast rolls
  • Electro-hydraulic control console
  • Hydraulic power unit available in 40- or 80-gallon configurations
  • Permanent swingout magnet to remove trap metal
  • Overflow chutes to reduce roll end maintenance
  • Stainless steel pin feeder (for steam flaking applications) or vibratory feeder
  • Fixator roll stops to prevent high-pressure roll-to-roll contact
  • Integrated shut-off gate to isolate discharge of mill
  • Roll surface grinder for in-place full-surface or roll-end grinding

Specifications and Dimensions

U.S. Metric
ModelHeight of roll/pin feederLengthDepthWeightDrive Max HP
3200-7277.88 in125.94 in140.25 in40,000 lbs.150
3200-7877.88 in131.94 in140.25 in42,000 lbs.200
3200-8477.88 in137.94 in140.25 in44,000 lbs.200

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