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  • 20" diameter indefinite chill cast rolls
  • Self-aligning double-row spherical roller bearings mounted in split pillow block housings
  • Roll corrugation and speed differential ratios for all applications
  • Straight-line roll adjust maintains tram throughout full range of adjustment
  • One-point roll adjustment via machine jack screws maintains roll parallel throughout the full range of adjustment
  • Stainless steel pin feeder
  • One-motor V-belt drive
  • Indefinite chill cast rolls with alloy shafts
  • Pneumatically operated feed gate
  • Manually adjustable roll stops
  • Flow directors that direct product into roll nip
  • Scrapers with adjustable counterweights to regulate pressure
  • Separate industrial-duty adjustable motor platform available in right- or left-side drive and choice of "C" flow or "Z" flow configuration
  • UHMW cheek plates to seal the roll ends
  • Chilled iron rolls
  • Roll feeder (for oilseed applications)
  • Heavy-duty permanent swingout magnets
  • Hydraulic roll closure

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