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Infusion Series


With optimized mixing and retention times, CPM conditioners allow for ideal moisture absorption and temperature increase. They deliver maximized conditioning and mixing for steam, water and other liquids, and they are available in single or stacked configurations for a flexible, space-saving plant layout. The Infusion Series models have a conditioning diameter-by-length range of 18" x 6.5" to 18" x 8.5", and standard horsepower ranging from 7.5 HP to 15 HP.


  • Excellent moisture absorption and temperature increase
  • Flexibility for plant layout and desired retention times

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  • Standard Features:

    • High-volume, low-velocity steam addition
    • Adjustable picks
    • Hinged inspection covers
    • Shaft-mounted gear-reducer drives

    Optional Features:

    • Multiple diameters and lengths
    • Single or stacked configuration
    • Speeds from 80 to 300 RPM

    Specifications and Dimensions

    U.S. Metric

    ModelConditioning Diameter x LengthStandard HP
    18 INF 6.518 x 6.5 in7.5
    18 INF 8.518 x 8.5 in10
    18 INF 1018 x 10 in15