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CPM Testimonial | Bill Lyster

Bill Lyster

I've done business with CPM Roskamp for more than 35 years. When it comes to my equipment, I need quality that meets my needs with high reliability.

It would be very difficult for me to work with anyone else.

I need a sales force with technical expertise and a competitive price. But the biggest factor in my decision-making process is how a company deals with problems and cares about the customer.??CPM stands up and takes care of issues right away. That's why it would be very difficult for me to work with anyone else.

CPM Testimonial | Emory Forrester

Emory Forrester

With CPM, you're not taking any chances. They have quality products and the integrity to stand behind them. They're just a phone call away.

CPM Testimonial | Charles Rouse

Charles Rouse

After switching to Beta Raven automation, we started to look closer at our batching deviations. On average, our total deviations decreased lower than ever before. I'm not sure this would have been possible without the Beta Raven MM4 Batching System. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome achieved here. Beta Raven has helped us realize we can reach for higher goals.