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CPM Division harnesses the power of employee happiness

WATERLOO, IA|October 24, 2014

It's no secret that companies with highly engaged employees see higher net incomes. And during another successful year, it's safe to say that pelleting and particle size reduction equipment manufacturer CPM Roskamp Champion of Waterloo, Iowa, understands and harnesses the power of employee happiness.

At Roskamp's recent outdoor beanbag tournament, longtime employees and recreation committee members Renee Griffith and Darla Holthaus explained that simple events and giveaways mean a lot to employees and have a positive impact on attitudes about work.

"Activities like this break up the day and let you interact with people you don't often see," said Griffith. "It's a way to bring everyone together and exchange some friendly banter."

Employee Engagement

To boost employee engagement, CPM Roskamp Champion, a division of California Pellet Mill, annually gives employees tickets to an amusement park in Des Moines, a local waterpark, and amateur hockey and baseball games. The recreation committee also plans holiday parties and distributes gifts.

The prizes are great but, more importantly, the winners get bragging rights until next year.

"We always have good participation, especially with the off-site outings that incorporate family," said Holthaus. "It's neat to walk around the amusement park with your family and run into a co-worker."

Machinist and 12-year employee Dean Raubs is a repeat participant in the annual beanbag tournament.

"It builds camaraderie," said Raubs. "The prizes are great but, more importantly, the winners get bragging rights until next year."

This year's winning duo, Doug Kitch and Matt Oakland, walked away with a trophy and gift cards. A total of 19 teams participated, and many other employees joined the fun as spectators.

"We look at our efforts as another nice benefit the company offers, kind of like your healthcare," said Griffith.

Sales Manager Ryan Dietzenbach says the team building and morale that come from these events are vital in making people glad to come to work.

"It doesn't take a big, fancy event to make a difference in the company culture," said Dietzenbach. "It just takes a little organization and a bunch of great people, which is exactly what we have."