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Loss-in-Weight Scale

Loss-in-Weight Scale weighing system provides accurate measurement of micro ingredients into your batching system. It also provides continuous inventory monitoring and high-speed weighing with the multiple VFD option. The typical Loss-in-Weight Scale installation calls for daily usages under 500 pounds and cycle draws between 1 and 20 pounds. Let our team of experts help determine the right scale system solution to optimize your batching performance.

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  • Number of ingredients: 4 to 100
  • Average draw weight: 1 to 10 pounds
  • Bin capacity: 6 cu/ft
  • Scale display resolution: .05 to .1 pounds (based on environment)
  • Refill bin lids with 6-inch flange
  • Bin level sensors
  • Bin vibrators
  • Lid lock systems
  • Speed control - direct, remote I/O or integrated

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