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California Pellet Mill's model 9950-14 is the culmination of more than 80 years of pellet mill engineering and applications expertise. At almost 2,200 square inches (14,190 cm²) of die area, it is the largest ring-die pellet mill in the world. It is designed for high-capacity applications such as integrated swine, turkey and broiler feeds.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Positive direct gear drive provides a 98% energy transfer
    • Rounded cast gear case with internal ribbing for quieter operation
    • Metal-to-metal seals between components
    • Universal hinge pellet chamber
    • Replaceable quill flange
    • Stand-alone oil lubrication system
    • Stainless steel pellet chamber
    • Single 800 horsepower (600 kW), 1200 RPM motor for greater efficiency
    • Multi-positioning feeder for ease of installment and alignment

    Optional Features:

    • Lineator remote roller adjustment
    • Roll speed measurement (RSM)
    • Automatic grease system