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7900 Series

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The 7900 Pellet Mill is the workhorse and go-to pellet mill for many applications. Whether it is hard-running biomass, high-capacity animal feeds or anything in between, the 7900 is known for its dependability and versatility.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Bear claw die clamps - segmented for quicker die changes
    • IC lube system
    • Oil level sensor
    • Trapped key interlock
    • Pellet chamber and shear pin proximity switches
    • Positive direct gear drive provides a 98% energy transfer
    • Rounded cast gear case with internal ribbing for quieter operation
    • Metal-to-metal seals between components
    • Modular gearbox design for production flexibility
    • Replaceable quill flange
    • Stainless steel pellet chamber
    • Single motor for greater efficiency
    • Multi-positioning feeder for ease of installment and alignment

    Optional Features:

    • Low-speed, heavy-duty gearing
    • Enforcer die feeder
    • Lineator (Remote roll adjust)
    • Roll speed measurement (RSM) available on select models
    • Pre-wiring terminal box
    • Ethernet I/O panel
    • Automatic grease system

    Specifications and Dimensions

    U.S. Metric

     Model Die IDDie widthDie Working AreaHP*Die RPM 60Hz/50Hz Die Peripheral Speed FPM**
    7930-430 in3.7 in349 in²400180/1501696
    7930-630 in6.1 in578 in²400180/1501696
    7930-830 in8.2 in777 in²400180/1501696
    7932-532.5 in4.9 in500 in²400180/1501824
    7932-932.5 in9.4 in964 in²450180/1501824
    7932-1132.5 in10.8 in1106 in²500180/1501824
    7932-1232.5 in12.2 in1251 in²500180/1501824
    7936-1236 in12.2 in1385 in²500180/1501989
    7936-1436 in14.2 in1605 in²500-600180/1501989

    *HP/KW may change with application; 1800 RPM motor at 60 Hz and 1500 RPM motor at 50 Hz.
    **Feet per minute - calculated with 3-inch thick die and 1800 RPM motor.
    ***Meters per second - calculated with 3-inch thick die and 1500 RPM motor.