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3000 Series

Pellet Mills

The 3000 Series Pellet Mills are popular for general-line feed mills, plastics, industrial products and shrimp feeds. They have replaced the popular CPM Century line of pellet mills.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Positive direct gear drive provides a 98% energy transfer
    • Rounded cast gear case with internal ribbing for quieter operation
    • Segmented die clamps for quicker die changes
    • Metal-to-metal seals between components
    • Modular gearbox design for production flexibility
    • Replaceable quill flange
    • Stainless steel pellet chamber
    • Single motor for greater efficiency

    Optional Features:

    • Enforcer die feeder available
    • Roll speed measurement (RSM) on some models
    • Automatic grease system

    Specifications and Dimensions

    U.S. Metric

    ModelHP*Die Working AreaMotor RPM 60 Hz/50 HzDie RPM* 60Hz/50HzLineator Option Enforcer OptionRSM
    3016-3150165 in²1800/1500254/210NoYesNo
    3016-4150229 in²1800/1500254/210NoYesNo
    3020-4200279 in²1800/1500254/210NoYesYes
    3020-6200384 in²1800/1500254/210YesYesYes
    3022-6200433 in²1800/1500254/210YesYesYes

    *HP/KW will be quoted for your specific application. Die RPM may change depending on gear set specified or recommended.