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How to Make Great Flakes with a 32” Flaking Mill

By Ian Hall, Oilseed Applications Engineer

It’s not easy to achieve the perfect flake.

You want flakes that are consistent. You want flakes that are uniform.

But two things can hinder the production of ideal flakes:

  1. Uneven heating of the flaking mill rolls, which creates “hot spots”
  2. Uneven roll wear

Roskamp has addressed these issues with several innovations on the Roskamp SP3200 Series Flaking Mill, making the flaker simple to manage and maintain while delivering optimal outcomes.

To prevent hot spots, the Roskamp SP3200 Series Flaking Mill is designed with vegetable oil enclosed within the roll cavity. As the oil circulates inside the roll, it transfers heat across the roll for uniform heat distribution. Additionally, a cycle timer built into the control panel relieves hydraulic roll pressure, allowing the rolls to briefly relax before reestablishing a normal position.

The key to preventing uneven roll wear is maintaining even seed distribution. To address this, Roskamp engineers took a closer look at the feeders being used.

Prior flaking mill designs utilized vibratory feeders, but the Roskamp SP3200 Series Flaking Mill is designed with a roll feeder and integrated lump breaker. Seeds first pass through the lump breaker/agitator shaft to break up agglomerations before they reach the feeder roll. This prevents the feeder from clogging and distributes seeds evenly to the roll feeder. The roll feeder then evenly distributes the seeds across rolls in the flaker, which encourages uniform wear.

In addition, the large diameter of the 32″ roll offers a steep nip angle, which allows material to pass through the rolls with ease.

No matter the model of flaker, roll maintenance plays a major role in consistent flake thickness. Observing the roll surface for imperfections, monitoring roll temperatures and grinding the surface of the roll when necessary will ensure proper flaking mill operation. The Roskamp Roll Surface Grinder has proven to be useful when performing this kind of roll maintenance.

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