Beta Raven

Automation Solutions

The challenges of achieving product quality and a well-managed facility make automation a logical choice for any application or industry. For more than four decades, Beta Raven has led the way in cutting-edge development for process automation, scale manufacturing and liquid control.

Our innovative and robust systems set the pace for industrial automation in the feed mill, bakery, tortilla and premix industries — and beyond. In addition to our superior products, our top-notch customer service makes Beta Raven your true automation partner.

MM4 Automation System

An integrated process control solution for receiving, grinding, batching, pelleting, and loadout processes

MM4 Receiving

Allows immediate, positive control over product routing to storage bins

MM4 Grinding

An automatic control system for particle reduction processes

MM4 Batching

Automates accurate dosing of multiple ingredients across multiple devices with mixer and routing control

MM4 Pelleting

Automates conditioning, pelleting, cooling, post-pellet liquid addition, and routing processes

MM4 Loadout

Handles critical loadout process control requirements like loading and sequencing

MCP 1.3 Pellet Mill Controller

The ideal low-cost solution for pelleting control without a database

Extruder-Compounding Process Control

An integrated process control solution for extrusion / compounding, feeder control, and upstream / downstream processes

Preparation Process Control

An integrated control solution for all parts of the product preparation process including cleaning, dehulling, conditioning, and flaking

Extraction Process Control

An integrated process control solution for extraction, distillation, refining, desolventizing, storage, and downstream processes

Custom Automation Solutions & Integrated Systems

Created to fit your specific operation – from PLC logic panels to motor control panels to simple "on/off" control panels

UL508A Control Panel Design & Assembly

UL-labeled electrical panels for any size project and a reliable source to OEM production runs